4xOverland’s 2020 Hero Land Cruiser is under development and is expected to be available for customer orders, July 2020.


Based on a 4-seater Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ79 dual-cab, 4,5L turbo-diesel.

The standard VDJ79 has one major flaw in its design. While the platform is unrivalled, when fully loaded, handling is - not to put it lightly, poor. But, because the basic vehicle is so strong, reliable, durable, practical and easy to modify, making those modifications is not only worth it, it's not expensive. 


The key goals are:

  • Keep it as close to the original as possible, but with all issues corrected in one step.

  • Rear axle width correction.

  • GVM upgrade to 3950 kgs (1540kgs front, 2500kgs rear)

  • Rear axle moved rearwards by 300 mm to correct load handling issues.

  • Vehicle remains similar to original length, so lightly modified trays can fit, and fits in a standard parking space.

  • State-wide ADR approvals in place.

We see just two drawbacks from this design change, and that is an increased turning radius, and a marginal reduction in break-over angle. While we expect a better departure angle, the overall handling, ride on corrugations and stability is expected to be improved greatly.


To this is then added a camper, that will blow your mind! Unlike anything you've yet seen. The sum total is a compact, hugely practical, 4-person camper outback overland tourer that goes so far beyond anything yet available at a fraction of the cost, and double the practicality.

All to be revealed here soon. This is the basic concept to correct load handling issues:

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