We do not offer advice with regard to the importation of the vehicle into your country. This explains why . . .

  • The vehicle is registered in your name in Australia using a proxy Australian address. You can then use it in Australia as much or little as you like. It can be stored here.

  • You may then export it according to legalities that you need to figure out. We can take it to the port of Freemantle, Western Australia. This is where our involvement ends.

  • We do not offer a service to establish the legalities and costs of exporting a vehicle, for the following reasons: 

  1. Every country is different.

  2. Every individual is different.

  3. Every circumstance is different.

  4. We can never know all the details of your own visa status in the country where you reside. Are you a returning resident? An employee of a foreign company etc.? There are many factors that can affect the legality of an individual to import a vehicle into their country of residence.

  5. Very few countries permit the importation of new vehicles without taxes and import duties. In some, it's not permitted at all. Be prepared to do the research yourself.

  6. Don't trust anyone else. Because, what if they get it wrong, and you spend the money, but now can't import/export it as you had planned?

  7. Importation of a vehicle, especially a new one can be extremely complicated and not inexpensive. We will not quote you on shipping costs. Contact a shipping company YOU trust and ask them for a quote.

  8. If we build a vehicle for you, and you export it from Australia within 60-days of taking delivery, GST (10%) is not payable in Australia. But it will almost certainly be due in your country of residence. 

  9. We will do what we can to assist you with import issues presented, but we will do this under your instructions and will not advise on export/import matters in any way.

  10. More to think about . . . What about emissions and safety regulations? Does the vehicle comply with this in your country? You must find this out, because every country is different, etc.